Addison House admission criteria provided below for sober living residents, and for referring professionals.

Addison House is a FARR Accredited sober living program for men who have completed 30,60 or 90-day residential primary treatment,extended care, or who have otherwise been cleared to participate by a licensed clinician. Applicants must have a diagnosis of substance abuse and no history of violence or criminal sexual behaviors. Residents must be at least 18 years of age on the day of admission.

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Helping you deliver the best outcomes for your patients recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism.Addison House works closely with referring professionals on a collaborative approach for male patients in need of a structured sober living environment as they recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

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Spirituality. Honesty. Integrity. Responsibility.

Addison House is committed to living and modeling these values,and providing an environment where our residents can begin to make their best choices every day.

Our Mission

  • The individual has exhibited suicidal or homicidal ideations with a plan and intent.
  • Disruptive psychosis to the extent that the individual is unable to care for himself or is a threat to others.
  • The individual is in need of detoxification or has other medical issues that may require hospitalization.
  • Medical equipment needed to support the individual may be beyond the scope of a residential environment.
  • The individual cannot safely navigate a residential environment.
  • The individual does not voluntarily consent to admission.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to build an extraordinary life; we are committed to helping families and individuals from all backgrounds on their journey. Addison House offers partial scholarships as well as financing.

Addison House Financing Options

Addison House works with M-Lend Finance to offer residents and families financing services in the form of unique "No-Discount" payment plans. For more information regarding the financing services provided, please visit M-Lend Finance directly by clicking here.

If you have any questions about Addison House financing options, call 561.413.2414 today. Our admissions staff can walk you through your options or contact a financial agent on your behalf.

For the families of Addison House sober living residents, we have some words of welcome, comfort, caution... and hope.

First of all, thank you for entrusting your loved one to us. We realize that this is a difficult time and uncertain time for your family. When a person completes a 30, 60, or 90 day drug & alcohol addiction treatment program or has just completed a Detox program after repeated treatment experiences, it's only natural to wish everything could get "back to normal" as soon as possible. You may wonder why your family member can't just come home with you.

Our own families had the same questions about us, the same wishes. But what we've come to know-- and what's been proven over and over again--is that addiction recovery is not a single event but rather a lifelong process. It involves learning (or re-learning) skills of independent sober living, not theoretically, but as practiced in the real world. It means widening our understanding of home, and recognizing that we never go back to normal--we go forward to possibility.

At Addison House your family member will learn and practice what it means to be at home in sobriety. He'll have the support of others who walk the path of recovery. Addison House balances structure with increasing opportunities for independent decisions and activities.

We are not a drug addiction treatment facility, we are a place of transition; the doorway to a new and extraordinary life.

Spirituality. Honesty. Integrity. Responsibility.

Addison House is committed to living and modeling these values,and providing an environment where our residents can begin to make their best choices every day.

Our Mission


We welcome you to be a part of the Addison House sober living process by:

  • Supporting your family member by supporting the process.
  • Staying in contact with your family member's case manager.
  • Respecting the guidelines for visiting and communicating with our residents.
  • Allowing your family member to practice the life skills of money management, community interaction, and responsibility by not bailing him out or solving problems for him.
  • Working on your own recovery. We can recommend resources.

In the end, it's your family member who most determines how successful this stage of his recovery will be. He has been recommended by his previous treatment program for this kind of sober living transition. We know that our sober living environment works, and gives back as much as or more than residents put into it. Please allow yourself to hope that the man you love will find his way to independent sober living. We share that hope, and we join you in cheering him on and helping him on his way.

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